All of these documents are created by me and are totally free for you to use in your business. Consider it a little thank you for visiting my blog!

Royalty Free Company Logo’s: Coming up with a company logo can be a tiresome task. To get you started my friends at Practical Creative have created a few options, and you can use them for free. Download Free Company Logo’s

Software as a Service Pricing Matrix Template: This template is really a frame work for you to work with. It will encourage you to think about how to structure your features and packages. This will help potential customers decide what package is a fit for them. Download SaaS Pricing Matrix

SWOT Analysis Template: SWOT is a great tool for assessing your own business. If really you take the time to address your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, you will demonstrate to investors that you have a solid grasp on your business position. Download SWOT Template

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